I used to love laying in tanning beds. (I am not going to lie, I would still love to but the premature aging process and the increased chance of skin cancer is keeping me away from them). I purchased an inexpensive spray tan system for myself in which I thought my husband could spray me. (He hasn’t sprayed me yet, ha ha). My first experience was when a great friend of mine (no names mentioned) set up my tent in her living room and we just started spraying each other. At that time we literally thought more was better. The next day we were both way darker than we wanted. It was quite comical and I appreciate her for being such a good sport. I then looked for a few more friends to volunteer to spray so I could practice and before I knew it I had friends willing to pay for a spray tan. That is how it started. I went to a training in Kansas City and then spent time with Jen Laigh at Glisten Tan in Wichita to perfect my spray techniques. (Its a little more complicated than one might think). Since that time I have upgraded my equipment and have learned to mix the colors to get the perfect tan you are looking for.

Jenny Manderino
Safari Spray Tan

I love Glisten Tan for numerous reasons and one is because when I come here Jen(staff) makes it feel so personalized. It's not like going into a booth and tanning. It's nice to have a conversation with the person. It feels more like a spa day! The other reason I love coming here as opposed to a tanning bed is because I don't get the harmful effects of UV rays with the sunless tan. It's healthy and Jen does such a great job of it!

Theresa Vail
Miss Kansas 2013 & Host of Limitless

It was time for me to be kinder to my skin and avoid tanning beds & booths (against my better judgement), but I have always enjoyed having some natural-looking color. Took a real leap of faith (for me!) and visited Jen Laigh at Glisten. From the very first appointment, she made me feel comfortable. The results are fantastic, and it's better for my aging skin! Living out of town, I combine visits with other appointments. So when I found myself in town and Jennifer was not available, I trusted Kelsey to do my spray tan. The results were, once again, fantastic! You'd never know she had only recently completed her training -- the tan was even, great color, good coverage, looks very natural -- and I felt very comfortable allowing her to see my "true color." Thanks Jennifer for the professional results and relaxing attitude! And thanks for choosing and training Kelsey to do the same!

Gayle Ferrell
Hutchinson Salt Mines

I Love how long it lasts, with the right body washes and moisturizers. Love How natural looking it is, Love that it doesn't dry out your skin like competitors do, Love that it smells good as its being sprayed on, Love that it doesn't crackle as it fades. Its a high quality tan for sure. Oh and Love that she will meet you at the salon at midnight if you call her to get a last minute tan..ha for a price, that is! You can tell she really cares about her business. She really does think of her customers as friends/family.

Jamie LuAllen
Salon Owner

During my year as Miss Kansas 2010, I constantly needed to look my best which wasn’t always easy during the gloomy winter months. Glisten Sunless Tanning made this easy and convenient. Not only did I feel more confident from my golden glow, but also I benefited from the ability to tan the smart way without a tanning bed. I never was orange or streaky but instead had a natural looking tan. Thank you Glisten for helping me look my best!

Lauren Werhan, Former Miss Kansas 2010

As a music theater major, pageant competitor and commercial talent I know the value of appearance. Having a tan, a golden glow helps lean out my look on stage or on camera. I choose Glisten for all of my airbrushing. I love Glistens natural, long lasting deep tan. It's less harmful then tanning in a UV bed and the results are more uniform in color and texture(NO blotches!) As first runner up in the Miss Kansas America Pageant, I know that part of my swimsuit award is due to Glistens airbrush talent! Thanks a Million Glisten!!

Ashley Ulmer, Miss Kansas 2012 1st Runner Up

I have been tanning with Jen for almost two years now and have been hooked! I have tanned other places and the experience has never compared to the tans with Jen at Glisten. I've never ever had a bad tan and you can tell the product is of highest quality. Jen has made sacrifices to put her customers first and always makes you feel welcome and you leave feeling beautiful! Thank you Jen for all you do!

Lindsay Hay

I absolutely LOVE Glisten Sunless Tan. As a redhead with fair skin and freckles having a good looking tan has always been a dream of mine. It always seemed that no matter how much time I spent in the sun or in tanning beds I could never achieve anything other than sun burns and peeling skin. But just after the first time trying a spray tan from Glisten I finally got what I had hoped for always. I had a beautiful blemish free tan that was the darkest I had ever been in my life!! Also want to mention the very personalized and comfortable environment that has been established by Jen Laigh by the fact that there are no booths used!! Love this place!!

Airyn Benson