Glisten Airbrush Tanning Services

Single Organic Airbrush Tans by Jen Laigh of Glisten.

BASIC – $24.99 includes Glisten Organic color of your choice.

ORIGINAL (since 2009) – $29.99 includes Glisten pre tanning spray(described below) and  Glisten organic color of choice.

MOISTURE LOCK - $34.99 includes pre spray, color and a healthy serving of our Anti Aging treatment(described below).

Half Body Organic Airbrush Tans Available for $18

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Competition Airbrush Tan Treatment - This extensive tan is built to last and made for the stage lights!  After a double dip of sunless tanners the owner with 6 years spray experience will contour and define all muscles.  This is a 6 step process and will need to be scheduled via phone only. Pre-tan consultation suggested via phone or in person.  Starting at $49.99 – 45 minutes

NEW Anti Aging Treatment  Glisten Anti-Aging Spray on Serum – Pamper yourself with this full body moisture treatment.  Schedule for this on a separate day from tanning for a boost of moisture OR spray on after your tanning session.  Extends the life of the tan & aids in dry skin! Collagen boosting proprietary blend of vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants.  Available with the GLISTEN MOISTURE LOCK APPLICATION $34.99 – Includes 3 sprays and color of your choice.

Glisten Pre-tan Spray - The most effect skin pH Balancer available by Glisten Tan! Now with sunless tan boosting properties that catapults sunless airbrush tanning results for a deeper, darker, faster developing airbrush tan.  This wonder spray aids in removing post tanning odor commonly caused by sunless tanning solutions and allows the sunless tan to fade very naturally without any blotchy spots. Made from all natural fruit prime extracts, aloe vera, Vitamin C&E! A client favorite in 2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013 – 2014…..included in the  “Glisten Original Sunless Tan Since 2009″!

Miss Kansas 2013 First Runner Up rises above the competition with her lovely Glisten Sunless Tan.

Miss Kansas 2013 First Runner Up rises above the competition with her lovely Glisten Sunless Tan by Jen Laigh.

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